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Base Unit

All European Built, German BPW Precision Engineered & Built Chassis & Axles, Dual Axles, BPW Inertia Brakes, BPW Spring Loaded Hand Brake, LED Trailer Lights (stop, blinkers, reverse, & Fog lamps), Travel width 1.82 metre enables car side mirrors to see past Opera, Travel height enables clear rear vision view of cars behind. Marine Ply Cabinetry, Stainless Steel Fittings, Teak floors, Oak Finish, Marine Grade Canvas & Clears,  Automated set up and take down of OPERA - 10 minutes each cycle after training.  No pegs or poles.  Outside & inside canopies separated by approx. 100mm to provide cooling in summer, enable warming in winter, & dry interior during periods of rain.

Aluminium Wheels

These 165/60R14 wheels complement the high grade finish and appearance of the OPERA in travel configuration.

350W Sinus converter

Enables operation of 240 volt appliances when not connected to site power.

Spare wheel

On steel rim.

Truma Therme Water Boiler

Built in to OPERA hot and cold water plumbing - Integrated 5 litre hot water system - operates off 240 volt site power.

Truma TE mover

Engages to front axle, powered by OPERA's on board 12 volt battery, & drives the OPERA via a hand held remote control.  No back breaking pushing required, nor use of the car to manoeuvre the OPERA into position on any site.

Gas Bottle compartment

Provides gas to built in E2400 heater for heating interior or OPERA, and gas to the bayonet point for cooking.

Truma Heater E2400

Built in to OPERA provides hot air to the interior, thermostat controlled.

ALKO level system

Powered by OPERA's on board 12 volt battery, two large pad motorised feet at the rear and one at the front allow levelling of the OPERA via hand held remote control. Provides a rock solid platform for your camping stay.

Thetford Chemical toilet

A must for comfort during the night on powered sites & unpowered bush sites.  Bathroom compartment well separated from main living area, is LED lit, and well ventilated.

Electric bed

Dual & independent leg and back adjustment via hand held controller.

11 point LED

LED lighting specifically designed to provide the right amount & colour of light inside the OPERA.  Strategically placed so that no shadows are cast on the canopy by people moving inside the OPERA.  All interior living areas  are lit & controlled by switches in each area.

2 Reading lights

These lights provide the convenience you need when relaxing at night.

Outdoor bayonet gas fitting

This fitting is provided to supply gas to an external Weber or other BBQ, & or an external light.

Top loader Fridge

This 36 litre fridge is built in & powered by the OPERA's on board 12 volt battery and will cool to a temperature that you choose in the range from +10  to - 12 degrees Celsius.

Energy management

When on powered sites the OPERA battery is charged as needed by OPERA's on board battery, and in transit via hot wire from the towing vehicle.  For non powered bush sites a number of battery charging alternatives are available.

Opera Wing Shade

The optional Opera Wing provides extra shaded area outside the OPERA for those hot Summer days.  Compact when stowed.