the opera experience

The Opera was conceived in early spring, 2006. Within months, a few sketches and a scale model were developed into a complete basic concept.

The small circle of people introduced to the concept were so enthusiastic that we went straight ahead with further development.

Working with Enthoven Associates Design Consultancy in Antwerp, by 2007 we had all the details of the concept and the Opera was a producible product. The most important aspects in this phase of development were the layout, materials and component choices. Every attention was given to what to leave out; what was not truly necessary did not make it into the final design. This allowed us to retain a very airy and spacious feeling within the very limited dimensions.

the opera experience

As you can see from the images, however, we still managed to stay extremely close to the original concept.

Then, in early 2008, we set up YSIN. In the first two years, our goal was to build and test a number of prototypes, produce a production-ready product, and develop a marketing concept.

To define all the production elements, we first had to produce a mock-up and then a working prototype. The development of the tent design in particular was something that took a great deal of work. Our goal was to produce a sleek, streamlined shape with no tent lines to the ground. Luckily, we could count on the support of a team of expert partners.

At the end of 2009, this sub-project was completed, and the Opera was ready to be introduced to the public.

The website was received enthusiastically worldwide, and the Opera was a big hit at the Design At Work exhibition in Kortrijk (BE). And on 14 January 2010, the Opera was awarded a Wallpaper* Design Award 2010.

In March 2012 the last Opera ran of the production Line. What remains is a community of Opera enthousiasts in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Australia.