This website introduces my company Reynard Beheer b.v., the history of Opera, and my personal interests and experience.
In 2008, after two years of concept preparation with the Belgian top designer Axel Enthoven, I founded YSIN b.v. (Your Suite in Nature) with two friends. I founded Reynard Beheer b.v., to participate in YSIN. The aim was to bring high quality stylish tent camping in the market.
Within 1 1/2 year we completed two prototypes of Opera, and introduced it in the European market. In the first 6 months we received the Wallpaper 2010 Design Award, and the German Red Dot 2010/2011 Caravan Award, category Best Practice. We collected immense publicity worldwide, with coverage in the most highly regarded magazines.
However, sales did not reflect this attention; camping in Europe is a highly competitive market. Further on we found out, the Opera was only for a small niche of enthusiast, resulting in 11 sales in a period of 4 years (in Netherlands, Australia, Dubai and Switzerland).

Rob Vos

Current Employments

Bosch Transmission Technology B.V.

group leader ETP3

Bosch Transmission Technology is market leader in the field of development and mass production of pushbelts for the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). The ETP3 team is mainly working in application- and platform projects, and is responsible for testing and validation of push belts involving customer communication, translating technical concerns into test plans, supporting the execution of tests, interpreting, presenting and documenting the test results.



TMC’s Employeneurs are technically educated specialists who combine the security of permanent employment with the opportunities that entrepreneurship has to offer them. They create added value for themselves and for the company they work for, by constantly improving their knowledge and skills. They are entrepreneurs within their own job, with a sharp eye for mutual interests.

Reynard Beheer B.V.


From this company I sell and manufacture the Award winning Opera Camper Trailer, and also carry out other services.

Fields of interest

Long lasting projects
Long lasting projects with a technological content do have my special interest. Create, realize and refine a product or process, from a concept, with a dedicated team. Dashboards; Project plan, Open point overviews, reviews and qualifications, lead times, cost monitor, long term revenues, and change management. Overall quality control. Stakeholder management. As project leader experience in product development, production development, improvement programs, and technology transfer.

Transparency and uniform ways of working are essential in complex projects, in order to deliver in time and correct, to be able to monitor, report, and adjust adequately. I have experience with the creation of uniform ways of working, reports, and documents within project management organizations.

Relations / connections
In functional organizations knowledge and experience are mostly well structured. Sales, engineering and purchasing are real professionals. In projects I connect these functionalities, and have special attention for the gaps occurring between departments. Connect team members through daily Scrum and other methods. Visualization.

Many companies operate international; have contacts with suppliers, subcontract components or services, spread knowledge and experience over international divisions. I have much experience with all these aspects in many cultural areas in the World, and have worked with and in Australia, Turkey, China, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Malaysia, and most West European Countries.

Smart and fast solutions
Projects are often complex and have a large number of stakeholders. To keep the project running and dynamic, I always search for simple and fast solutions. Rather many fast steps than delaying waiting rows and clumsy meeting structures.

Customer and supplier relations
In projects good suppliers and loyal customers are essential. I have much attention for sharpness, but also the relations to both sides, of course with the commercial interest in mind.

Products with a certain craftsmanship needed, do have my special attention. It is interesting to industrialize this craftsmanship where possible by means of the right production methods, materials and lead times. Also craftsmanship makes the culture and atmosphere in a company, it is important, in case of transitions, to keep these values monitored.